April 17, 2014
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Big Data’s Power for Manufacturing

Why you need to care about the digital revolution

by Steven Beschloss // Illustration by Kyle T. Webster
March/April 2014

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A New Kind of Co-Worker

Automation and robots creep into service centers but won’t yet replace people.

by Peter C. Beller // Illustration by Kyle T. Webster
The Second Coming of the Panama Canal

As the expanding canal delivers a big bang for metals and infrastructure, its competitors are stepping up their game.

by Edmund Newton
The Value of Liberal Arts

Brian Casey, president of DePauw University, on fixing education and why universities may not be so pricey

by Deborah L. Cohen // Photography by Bob Handelman
Publisher's Note
Don't Just Stand There
by M. Robert Weidner, III, publisher
Under the Radar
Defense Budget Bumbling

The biggest impact of the much-hyped cuts may be the aggravating uncertainty.

by William P. Barrett
Shelf Life
How to Attack Poverty and Influence People

Using market solutions; tracing inequality’s origins; looking at America’s first self-help guru

by Rebecca Rolfes
Guest Column
The Right Way to Build a Board

With excellence more important than ever, what to look for in  your present and future directors

by Stephen Fraser